Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Do You See What I See...

Trinity probably doesn't see much behind this water bottle....all I keep seeing around is this white stuff....SNOW!

C'mon's tennis season and there is snow on the ground??? I am so ready for spring weather and I can't wait to start getting a little sun! What I'm not ready for is this....

Teenager girls are only 8 and 10 but I know I'm going to blink and they are going to be 14 and 16. We were grocery shopping the other day and Trinity asked Gene if he would buy her the TIGER BEAT magazine....remember those? Back in the day they would have Ricky Shroeder on the cover...haha! Not it's Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift!

It's funny how much this world has changed for kids but yet it is still somewhat the same. I would cut out the pics from the magazine and put them all over my room also. I remember having Michael Jackson all over my closet door!

Kansas is my country girl and her walls consist of mostly animal stuff. I'm going to not like repainting their rooms when we put our house up for sale but it is important to me that they feel comfortable in their own bedrooms. They need a place to express their personalities!

Can you tell she likes horses?

She definitely thought I was a little strange (what else is new) when I came into her room to take pictures. I guess I invaded her privacy...yikes....more evidence we are getting closer to teenager times!! I deal with enough teenagers at work so I am not looking forward to when I have them at home also. There are ones that we do actually like :) BIG O.

His name is actually Oliver Stone and his mom is huh! :) He is graduating this year and played basketball for my hubby and played football as well. He is going to continue his football career at Mary Hardin Baylor. We are so excited for him!! He is a great kid and we all will miss his prescence at All Saints'!

Well there is no snow on the ground today but the wind is making it absolutely miserable outside. Tennis practice should be lots of fun today! Spring weather should be right around the corner....I hope! Have a great day!

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