Sunday, January 10, 2010

Just the Girls....

Go Inferno....GO GO Inferno! Kansas and Trinity had their first basketball game this weekend. All the girls are in Kansas' grade but they needed another player so Trinity offered to play. Even though she is playing 2 age groups up, she held her own!

Little pre-game speech by Coach. I just love watching my kids play sports! How cute are they getting in their huddle!

Kansas getting ready to steal the ball again. We lost 8-10 but we did well for the first game. Kansas scored ALL 8 points and Trinity did well handling the ball. Kansas is wearing my shoes in this picture and they are a size 10!!!! She has grown out of her basketball shoes that are practically brand new. I almost don't want to buy her a new pair for this short season because she will probably grow again before the next season!! By the way...I could never be a sports photographer....everytime I tried to get a picture of Kansas shooting....I would get just the wall or just the basket...hmmff! :)
The girls are working on their game faces in this picture. I think they are ready to play some ball! If you haven't noticed already, there is someone missing. Yep, the little man, Logan was hanging out with his friend Devin. The girls and I had a blast hanging out together. Daddy was hosting a basketball tournament so he was busy with that. It was just us girls!

We stopped by my office before the game to check on the MS tournament and see Daddy. Me and my sweet Trinity....geez...she is getting so tall also! Before I know it, I am going to be looking up at them. Not ready for that!!!

Me and my oldest, Kansas. I am so proud of both my girls. They did so well in their game! As soon as we got in the car they were telling me they can't wait for their next game. Sports are in their genes!! Gene and I both were athletes and we obviously both coach so it is neat to see our kids loving it too! It's also fun to watch my girls play together. What a blessing!! Hope 2010 is going well for everyone!
Many Blessings,

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