Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Oh's 2010!!! Can you believe it? Don't these two look so fired up!!!

And then you have these two....what is it with guys and not smiling for pictures? I don't get it!

Now us girls know how to smile! :) Me and my girlie Amanda enjoying the NYE party.
(dang crutch had to get in the picture!)

Oh his mouth curled up a little....I promise I didn't have to threaten him. Not this time at least. haha

Our friend John hosted a NYE party for the baseball/basketball boys and of course their parents were allowed to attend! We decided we would make a homemade pinata and let the kids go at it. Well I didn't think that plan all the way through and we just ended up letting the kids punch it instead of using a bat. Look at Gene taking one for the team and putting himself in harms way. What a trooper!


AFTER....there was soooo much candy!

Here are the crazy kiddos about to ring in the New Year!

Logan and Cam toasting in 2010!!!

I hope 2010 brings everyone much love, health and happiness!!
Many Blessings,


Jen S. said...


I hope you are recovering nicely.

Thinking of you, and here's to an awesome 2010!!!!

Jen S. said...

PS-- I had to laugh at your comment about getting the guys to smile... because getting Steve to smile for pictures is like pulling teeth!!!