Thursday, December 17, 2009

Shopping for Juan

Every year the Kindergarten class sales "Angel Pops" (aka the popsicles in a tube) to raise money for their Angel Tree person. Logan and his group of buddies had a little boy named Juan to shop for. Each of the kiddos had certain items they had to pick out for Juan. They were so excited every time they found what he wanted. My friend Vicki and I were in charge of 4 boys and man they kept us on our toes! Above, Logan is showing off the list he made for Juan's presents.

The boys finished shopping and Mrs. Yater gave them the money that they raised to pay for the Christmas gifts for Juan. They look pretty darn proud!

And now they are back to being just plain goofy kinders! Before we took them shopping, we stopped by The Love Shack for some yummy burgers and hot dogs! If you are in the Fort Worth area, you've got to check it out! Thank you to the Love Family for taking good care of us!

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

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