Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Break Is Finally Here!!!

I think they are fired up that Christmas break is finally here! That has to be the goofiest smile I have ever seen on Kansas! haha

Logan and his classmates making crafts

The kids had their Christmas parties but before that they got to have Pat Green sing Christmas carols to them. How cool is that! He is a really nice guy and I love his wife...she is so sweet. That was really nice of him to take the time out of his hectic schedule.

Our school helps with an orphanage in Kenya and two of the girls were able to come visit us. What a long journey!They even sang in chapel for everyone and their voices are absolutely beautiful!

Kansas and her friends enjoying their lunch in all their festive wear! It feels like just yesterday this group was in Kindergarten. Where does the time go?

Gene and I had to bounce between classrooms. He didn't want a picture because he just came from practice and was all sweaty....yuck! :) So he took a picture of me and my sweet middle child. I love her scarf....I want to find one big momma size! :)

Now that's the Kansas smile I know and love! :)
We are officially on Christmas break!!! Next week our family will be in town to spend the holidays with us. We can't wait. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and safe travels!

Happy Holidays!

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