Saturday, June 27, 2009

Shop til ya Drop

One of the traditions of my Cali trip is to shop with my Auntie Liz. We definitely did just that yesterday. We hopped in the convertible and headed to the mall. It was so nice to try on clothes and not have to stop half dressed and yell out of the dressing room, "If you don't leave your sister alone, I am going to beat your butt". :) Can anyone relate? I also wasn't rushed because I kept hearing "I'm bored...are we almost done?" Don't get me wrong...I miss my kiddos ALOT but it was nice to relax and shop. Speaking of my kiddos....they are hanging at their Aunt Jessie's and Uncle Tim's house and having a blast. They love to play with their cousins. Gene has a tournament this weekend so the kids are glad to have a break from being a gym rat.
I have been continuing my workout regimen and here is a picture of one of the views from our hike.  My Aunt Liz and I have been alternating between a hike and the 30 day shred. I need to work off the awesome burrito I had from Jalapenos yesterday!
This place is the best!! Yet another tradition....I always have a California burrito from has french fries in it!! It is heavenly!! :)
K-5 is one of the local surf shops that I go to every summer. I always find the cutest tops here. I love it!!

Yes, we are twinkies!! We have added that to our list of traditions!! We always get a matching outfit. :) We actually have similar tastes and always agree on the cutest things when we shop. Wait til you see our matching jumper!! Soo cute. Well we are off to the hair salon today and then out on the town tonight. Staying busy but having a great time! Enjoy your weekend.

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