Thursday, May 21, 2009

Show Us Where You Try Not to Live...Friday? (used to be a ) Dining Room

Well I am sure y'all have already noticed that instead of a dining room table, you see a dog kennel. No, I don't make my kids eat in there....anymore. Actually, 10 years ago this room was transformed from a dining room into my hubby's office/sports bar. He had a guy come in and build the shelves the day we brought our first child home from the hospital. How bout that timing. Nothing like hearing a saw going all day long while your newborn is trying to sleep. Surprised we are still married aren't ya!

Here is the beloved bar that we got him a few years ago. The funny thing is, it has only been used....wait for it....ONCE! My family was in town for Christmas and the hubs and my brother-in-laws broke it in...and I thought the saw was loud!

Here is the lovely table minus the junk. I figure I will just throw it in when we sell the house...heck, it's practically brand new!

Here is the view looking into the kitchen. Since this room is that of my dear spouse, it isn't as organized as I would like. So I try not to enter this room as much as possible. I think I actually start to get hives if I am in it too long! I dust it and do the floor but he claims that he can't find stuff if I organize it. Can I get a big WHATEVER on that one! :)

Here is the other view....don't look too long it may give you nightmares. Now I don't blame him for transforming the room. We are hardly formal people....we don't "dine" we "chow" so I didn't feel it necessary to have a formal dining room. The plans for our new house we are going to build doesn't have one either. Despite the lack of one in my house, I can't wait to check out the dining rooms over at Kelly's Korner! Have a great Memorial Day weekend and thanks for stopping by!

Many Blessings,



Tiaras and Tantrums said...

LOVE the chinese cabinet in the corner

:) said...

Hi Amanda!
I'm with you...we don't need a formal dining room, we just need a place to "chow" :) Funny!
Hey, thanks for your comment on my blog... yes, if your hubby takes you to Vegas, we are definitely going to have to get together--I'd love to!!
Hope you guys have a great weekend :)
P.S. please tell Trinity that's nice she likes our black furniture! How sweet!!

Pam said...

How sweet of you to give up precious decorating space for your hubs. I wouldn't go in there much either. It's a *gasp* "man room".

Brandi said...

I am like your husband - my office may be considered unorganized by other people but I know where EVERYTHING is! :) I break out in a sweat if Kenyon comes in and tries to "organize" it - I am lost for days - and very irritated!

Your home is beautiful. So when do the new home plans start? I love looking at house plans (Kenyon is a designer and a builder - he likes for me to help him design a house so it has a womans perspective)