Tuesday, May 19, 2009

KJ's Birthday Celebration

Kansas had this huge smile on her face ALL day long. It's good to be 10! She wanted to eat at Bravo, an Italian Restaurant so that's where her Daddy and I took her. She loves pasta...it's the Italian blood in her! Did you notice she is wearing a shirt about horses....just like I mentioned in the last post...that's all she wears!
It's a surprise we didn't get kicked out of the restaurant! Usually you have to tell your children to behave at the dinner table...but I had to tell my husband! What a goof ball!

I brought a yummy cookie cake to Kansas' classroom so they could celebrate with her. She is planning on taking some friends to see the movie "Up" and then have a sleepover for her actual birthday party. Unfortunately the movie doesn't come out until the 29th of this month. It's a good thing cause our schedule is packed until then!!

The cookie cake which of course has a horse on it for my little cowgirl.

On your birthday you get a "Birthday Blessing" from Father Mel in chapel. It just so happened that he called up everyone who was having a birthday in June to come up as well.

Kansas and Father Mel after chapel.

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