Saturday, May 16, 2009

Friday Full of Fun

Being the Mom of 3 kids means you are always busy so a packed schedule is nothing new. Even though you may find yourself totally exhausted at times, you can't help but to feel blessed. This Friday was yet another busy day....packed with Field Day for the girls and then "Pre-School Musical" for Logan. Gene and I love hanging out with our children and watching them grow.
Here is Kansas competing in the sack race and her coach AKA Daddy is looking on and of course trying to mess her up.
Trinity is all smiles before she kicked some butt in the 50 meter dash.
Kansas was ready for the baton during the team relay.
Trinity was so determined to help lead the blue team to victory.
The girls both did very well at field day. Kansas jumped the farthest in long jump out of all the girls in the 3rd grade! Trinity jumped the farthest out of BOTH the boys and girls in the 1st grade!! Yes, I am one proud Momma!!
Now onto the little boy in our lives.....
Logan's future is so bright, he has to wear his shades :) ...he has been talking about this performance for weeks. It's hard to believe this was his last performance at PEP. He has been going there since he was 12 months old and Gene and I have had a child in their program for the last 9 years. Thank you Ms. Cindy for all you have done for our children...we will miss you!!

Logan getting ready to belt out some tunes....he is in the orange on the top row.
Here is a little video of him jammin out to a good ol' tune. (make sure you pause my playlist down on the right before you play his video)

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Jen said...

Your blog is AWESOME! I loved reading through it...I have added to my blog collection! I love doing mine, and reading others!!! Your kids are beautiful girl!!