Thursday, April 2, 2009

Taking it all for granted

My little Pirate and his biggest fan

I have been addicted to reading these blogs about these children who are so very sick. It saddens me and I think about these sweet babies all day long. When I am home with my 3...I find myself getting impatient and frustrated with the sibling rivalry and whining. Then I think of all the moms who are waking each day wondering how much time they have left with their little one.....the guilt I feel overwhelms me. I take my children for granted and that has got to stop. I am blessed to be the mom of 3 beautiful and healthy children. They don't stay little for long so I need to sit back and take it all on my babies even more than I do now and laugh with them often.
No better time to start then the little pirate just got back from Chuck E Cheese...I know it's late but he was hanging with his teammates, having fun and he is only 5 (not in "real" school yet)! He wants me to read him a story after he "takes the browns to the superbowl"...Chucky's will do that to ya.... :)! By the way...the Pirates won 15-0!!!

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