Sunday, March 29, 2009

All in 48 hours...

Game night....Trin and I won!!!

Trin and her American Girl Doll, Isabella...hanging at the mall
don't they look alike...even their chicklet teeth!!

Kansas aka party-girl with her good friend, Riley...
Riley's dad performed Gene's hip huh

What a bunch of crazy girls...ready to surprise Lauris
on her birthday!

It is now Sunday afternoon and Gene and I are getting ready to attend a reception at work. Just one of the many things on our weekend agenda. Kansas spent Friday and Saturday as a party girl....she had one at Sweet and Sassy and on Saturday she had one at her good friend, Lauris' house. Since she was gone, Gene and I were no longer outnumbered. Woohoo!! So on Saturday Gene went to his basketball tournament and I went to my volleyball in tow. Trinity and I got to spend some "mommy & me" time together after volleyball and guess where we ended up....yep, the mall! We stopped at Barnes and Nobles and had a tai chi at the starbucks and picked out a book to purchase. We then went to a couple of other stores and she helped me pick out some cute tops. Gene and Logan met us at home and we had some chips and salsa and had a little family "game night". Operation SpongeBob Squarepants was the game of the night. Trin and I were on the same team and we whipped up on the boys!! Gene even tried to cheat and we still won.
After the game, it was back to chores for me...dishes, mopping, laundry (typical saturday night right?) so I thought to myself....I wonder what it's like to not have to clean and have someone do your laundry for you....then I thought, silly...if you really want to know that, just ask your husband! DUH!! No, Gene has helped me clean.....once, I remember it very well. Actually he surprises me every now and then with folding clothes and even dishes sometimes. No big deal..I'm a neat freak anyways and would just go behind him cause he wouldn't do a good enough job....sorry honey, it's the truth. :) I will say I type he is cleaning out his closet!! FIRE UP!! I did mine last night and maybe the "spring cleaning fever" is rubbing off on him. It's about time! :)

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Sue said...

all i have to say is that Trinity is the most beautiful girl of that bunch! WOW! She just stands out! Neat freak? you? no...