Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Texas Weather

I love living in Texas but sometimes (ok almost all the time) I wished we had California weather!! Today it was low 40's and raining and just a couple days ago, I got fried sitting at Logan's t-ball practice. It didn't feel very good to put layers on my sunburn this morning...ouch! Thinking about the drastic change of weather made me realize that I forgot to post pictures from Logan's team party and "awards ceremony"... :) What a beautiful, warm Texas day it was...sniff sniff. His coaches (a father and son duo) hosted the team party and we sat outside and enjoyed some yummy burgers from off the grill....did I mention that today was 40 and rainy...oh yeah I did..back to the nice day...the boys had a blast playing and enjoyed some cake and ice cream. The cake even had their picture on it! Hopefully that weather will be back's t-ball season, spring break is next week and my spoiled bulldog doesn't like to go potty in the rain...such a princess.
Logan with his trophy
The Stars....

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