Saturday, October 18, 2008

Homecoming 2008...Saints beat the Owls!

VB team with mums and the Rowdy Crowd

Kansas and Trinity enjoying the fun with their friends

Me, Lauren Hollis, Garrett and Rosie

Last night was the All Saints' Homecoming. Our football team beat the Oakridge Owls 49-14!!! It was so good to see a lot of my former athletes that are now enjoying their college life. I saw Lauren Byrnes (didn't get a picture) and Lauren Hollis who both played volleyball for me and Garrett Isom who was one of my tennis players. Even though it makes me feel old :) it was so good to see them "all grown up" and doing great. They all looked so happy. Coaching is not always easy but when you see your kids come back and give you a big's makes all the bad seem irrelevant. Before the game, we had an all-school the gym can get really loud with all those lower school kids! I snapped a couple of pics of Kansas and Trinity enjoying the festivities with their classmates. Our half-time show at the game was the TCU Drumline...they were awesome!!

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Sue said...

OH NO!!!! THOSE MUMS!! I forgot about those crazy things that you TExans do!
You look great and so happy! I love the new songs too! ;)