Monday, October 13, 2008

Family Fun

Papa and Logan
Logan checked the target...coors light can
My lefty, Kansas taking a try
Trinity and Papa
More bars? They make us want to go to one

We haven't been to see our family in Houston since Hurrican Ike. The kids and I traveled down on Saturday so we could see everyone. Gene had to stay back since his lessons have started back up on the weekends. Our first stop was the farm in Huntsville. Papa was already there and we hung out with him for awhile and the kids fished and Papa taught them how to shoot the 22. Logan kept asking him to go hunting but it's not hunting season yet so he had to settle for shooting a beer can. It was so cute...every time he shot the gun, he would run over and check to see if he hit the beer can. Let's just say...he has a lot of work to do. The girls took their turns as did I. We then headed to Houston and we met Nana, Mill and JR. at the house. We got to go see Mill's new house. They were putting the brick on as we drove up. It is in Katy, Texas and it is such a cute house. I am very excited for them. Check out the pictures on their blog which is located in my blog list. On Sunday, we headed over to Jess and Tim's to grill and of course shop at the new outlet mall outside of their neighborhood. The girls and Logan made out with some cute clothes. They wear uniforms to school but don't have anything for the cooler weather. It was nice to hang out with everyone. There were a lot of trees and fences down and a ton of tarps on roofs but Houston is getting up and running again. My sisters and Mom are going to head up this way for a trip to Canton in November. Can't wait!!

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