Monday, September 29, 2008

Good Ol' School Pictures...

The girls brought home their school pictures today. Since Gene and I are both faculty....we got some too...yuck! Ever since I was in school, I dreaded picture day because cameras just don't like me!! I never take a good picture and this year isn't any different. The girls look beautiful and of course Gene looks....well, like a coach! :) Actually, he took a very good picture. He really isn't into the whole smiling thing. Kansas doesn't like her hair down so as soon as pictures were done...up it went...such a her momma. Princess Trinity had to have hers straightened..that girl is too funny. She is going to be a future American Idol winner with her beautiful singing. Once Logan's preschool pictures are taken and returned, I'll post his as well....anyone want to guess what his hair will look like....mohawk(last fall), buzz cut(last winter) or afro(this summer and present style). We will see what kind of mood he is in!

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