Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Future Gym Rat

So everyone knows that my kids live in the gym. Well we have just added another gym rat to the family! Cecilia Mae was born in February to my friends Jenny and Justin Fuente. Jenny played volleyball at Illinois State and her husband, Justin was a football player and now coaches the sport at TCU. I am blessed to not only have Jenny as a friend but also as one of my coaches (I will have a picture of all of them on my blog very soon). Cecilia has been coming to practice since early August and though she may not know it yet.... wink wink...she is going to love the gym life! Here are some pictures of her and her buddies, Trinity and Logan. Trinity loves to help take care of her and well...Logan just loves to pull at her feet. Trin actually brought an outfit to change into after school cause she knew she was getting a picture with C. Too cute!!

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