Wednesday, July 23, 2008's our LIFE!

I mentioned earlier that we love our sports. Gene and I both played at the college level and we are both coaches today. Our children are currently playing basketball but that may not be the sport they choose to be their main focus. Whatever it is, we will support them 100%. They are very athletic thanks to the Good Lord. (Please Lord let them have Gene's jumping ability) :) Those of you that played with me know that my vertical was NOT my strength!! I have met my closest and most dearest friends through playing sports. I have actually been in touch with quite a few just this week. Patti and Stephanie I have known since junior high. They were both good athletes. Araxie is one of my closest friends from high school and we played volleyball together along with track....she was faster than me! Sue Amsler and I were freshman at UTA together and both her and Araxie are expecting a baby any day now. Look for pictures of their new babies very soon! Michelle I met during my coaching career. She lives in California but is always a phone call away if I ever need anything. I am thankful for all of you! The wins and losses fade but the friendships you make a long the way remain.
Kansas, Trinity and Logan-You are blessed with ability....keep working hard and you can achieve anything!Here are some pictures of them playing in their basketball league.

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