Monday, July 28, 2008

Girls Trip!!

My neighbor and very close friend, Angie and I have been talking about going away for a weekend for a girls' trip. She is a nurse so her schedule can be random...sometimes she works weekends or nights and then with my schedule...finding a time to get away has been difficult. I had to go to the Texas Private School Coaches Association Convention in San Antonio this weekend so her and her sister came along. They shopped while I was in meetings and then we were able to hit the Riverwalk at night. I am so glad they made the trip with me! We stayed in the historic St. Anthony Hotel which was really nice but I have to admit, a little spooky. Do you remember the movie, The Shining? Thank goodness we didn't see any twins riding down the hall on tricycles!! The convention went was mostly football coaches but the motivational speakers were awesome and I did some networking with the volleyball coaches that attended. The picture is of us ol' moms getting ready to hit the riverwalk. I can't wait for our next trip!!

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