Monday, October 22, 2012

Life as a KNIGHT

Sometimes I still can't believe we are no longer living in the DFW! I am so proud of the kiddos and how well they handled the transition to our new home. They love their new schools and our new neighborhood which I call Suburbia. :) It has been so nice being able to spend time with our family more often.
My season started in early August and now there are only a few weeks left. Where does the time go? I was nervous and excited to meet my new team. Had no idea how they would respond to my coaching style and philosophies. I was so close to my team at my old school and knew that they understood me and trusted in me. Would that be the case at Episcopal? I am confident in what I do but you never know how new surrounding will be.  I can happily tell you that after 3 months I absolutely adore my girls. It's almost like being a don't stop loving your other children when you have more. :) I still keep in touch with my old players and look forward to seeing them at the SPC tournament. Thank goodness they forgive me for leaving them! :) My new team has worked so hard for me all season and has listened to every word I said ...ahem or yelled. They have improved so much and I hope they realize how proud I am to be their coach.
I was also nervous to start a new job because I would be working with new people. I think that I am easy to get along with but that's my opinion! :) Thankfully the coaching staff is awesome and fun and most importantly, professional. They work hard, care about the kids and set a good example for their athletes. One of them has also become my very dear friend. Now that's a blessing!!
Sometimes I think back to last spring when I was making the decision to change jobs and wonder what if....but then I quickly realize that God loves me so much that he created this special plan just for me and my family. I miss my friends and my sweet Saints team but know they're in good hands.
I feel very blessed to have a team of 13 girls that want improve and continue to work hard. I am thankful for my wonderful coaching staff that helps me keep it together. Looking forward to building this program with all of you. GO KNIGHTS

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Anonymous said...

Very proud of you Amanda! Love Aunt Vi.