Monday, December 13, 2010

Coast to Coast I love these people the most

Although I am fortunate to spend Christmas with my husband, kids, parents and sisters, I still wish I could have ALL of my family around. I have my side of the family on one coast, California and Gene's side of the family is on the east coast, New Jersey. Above is a picture of some, just some of my Cali family. I wish I could have been at that Christmas party. My cousins turned the kitchen into a dance floor. :) That's just how we do it in our family...have fun or go home! :)

My cousin Brooke is prego with Ethan, my soon to be great cousin. Brooke's husband, Owen and her brother, Derek (my cousin) are both in Iraq. We are praying for their safe return and a safe delivery for Brooke and baby Ethan!
Even though I will not be with everyone, I want all my family to know how much I love them and cherish them!
Merry Christmas Y'all!!!

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Elizabeth said...

Love you to, sweetie!!! Always thinking of you and wishing we could all be together!!!