Monday, August 16, 2010

Highs and Lows

Life is full of highs and lows that is for sure. I know it sounds cliche but the past 3 days have been like a roller coaster....with a couple of highs and a HUGE low.
This weekend we celebrated 12 years of marriage and Gene and I dropped the kids off with a dear friend (they have to be special to deal with our 3 :)) and we headed to Winstar Casino to see Babyface and Charlie Wilson in concert. We even had a hotel room...can I get a woohoo! It was so nice just having some time with each other and no distractions...aka kids.

Babyface performed first and it was so neat to hear the old school jams. Not to mention our seats were only 30 feet from the stage! Sorry my pictures are so bad. They only allowed phone cameras and the iphone doesnt take that great of pictures.
Charlie Wilson came out next and he got everyone out of their seats. I have wanted to see him in concert for the longest time. It was AWESOME!! Gene and I love old R&B so we were jammin the entire time. Charlie even made the men serenade us women. Unfortunately after the concert finished, we got a phone call from our neighbor who was watching our dogs. Gracie, our English Bulldog had passed away. We immediately rushed home. Our night went from wonderful to so very sad.

We only had Gracie for 4 years but she was a part of our family.We picked our kids up the next morning and telling them the news was one of the hardest things. All 3 of them broke down and Logan had lots of questions.

Our house is definitely different with her not here. Our other dog, Jersey who is usually full of energy has just been laying around the past 2 days. It has affected everyone. We miss you Gracie and love you very much.
Today the kids got to meet their teacher and instead of cool summer stories to share with friends, they each told their story of how they lost their sweet dog, Gracie. It has been a long time since I've lost a pet. It just isn't easy no matter how old you are.

It was nice to see the kids smile when they found out who they were going to have as their teacher for the new school year.

Logan has Mrs. Carter and she had both the girls also. We just adore her!
Trinity has Mrs. Hollingsworth. She is new to the school as a teacher but her oldest son just graduated from All Saints' last year. He is playing college football and was one of our best athletes! She is really sweet.

Kansas has Mrs. Cook who is awesome as well. My big 5th grader is too old to take pictures with her teacher (so she says) but I was able to convince her to get one with her friends. :)
We are all looking forward to a great school year. I am ready to be back in a routine that is for sure. It will be interesting though to see how I juggle work, coaching, getting my masters along with being a mom and wife. I'm up for the challenge....I think. Speaking of a challenge, I have paper due by Wednesday so I guess I better stop blogging and start writing!
I do want to thank my husband for a wonderful weekend and for helping me through the Gracie deal. We love you Gracie in peace.


Jen S. said...

Hi Amanda~
First of all HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and Gene. I am glad you got to enjoy yourselves during the concert. I really like Baby Face. My dad used to love R&B...and when he passed away I got a whole bunch of his old albums...most of which are of BB King...his all time favorite. I think that's pretty neat.

On another note, it sounds like the kids are happy with their new teachers. I too am anxious to get back in the swing of things at school/work. Let the routine begin!

Lastly, I want you to know I AM SOOO SAD to hear about your dog Gracie. That is so very sad and is tugging at my heart. I'm so sorry for your loss. Please know I am sending hugs to you.


Anonymous said...

Thank you my dear niece for your support regarding my latest blog post. I'm so very sorry to hear about gracie passing away. I always loved how you posted photo's of her. Time heals, but you will never forget her and the joy she brought you and the family.

Love you, Aunti Vi