Sunday, June 6, 2010

Beach cruisers at the Bay and Booty Shakin with the Family

Twinkies...our tanks had surfboards all over them in honor of our trip to California. How cute are we...NOT! :)
It is always fun hanging with my HUGE family. We spent the day at the bay and took the beach cruisers down the boardwalk at the beach.
Aunt Liz and I cruising the boardwalk.
My cousin Sierra, her boyfriend Jesse and my sis Jessica and I go for round 2!
So glad I was able to share this birthday weekend with my big sis....I love her!! (and I love my hubby as you can see on my shirt...haha)
We had fun in the sun and then it was time to get cleaned up and hit the town. I think my Grandma Frenchie would be so proud of her girlies!
Enjoying some cocktails at the top of the Hyatt...the view was amazing!!
As if we all weren't tall enough...we had to wear our "big girl shoes"!!
Time for some dancing!!!

We went to a place called Rock Bottom and the place was dead until we got there!! I had a blast dancing with my cousins, sister and aunties. I am proud to say I consumed water all evening and I was still able to get my groove on!! Today is our last full day in sunny San Diego and we will be spending it at my Uncle Glen and Aunt Gloria's pool!! As always, I have had a great time but I can't wait to see Gene and my 3 beautiful kids...I miss them!!

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Elizabeth said...

I absolutely LOVE when you come to San Diego!!! Can't wait for my trip out to Texas next month!!!! Love you sweetie!!!