Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Haircuts and Date Night..these are a few of my favorite things

Yesterday was Gene's birthday so I took him to dinner and a movie to celebrate. Yep, got a sitter and everything. It doesn't happen very often but I enjoy it when it does and I think he does as well. We went to BJ's to eat and then saw Book of Eli at the Studio Movie Grill. Our plan was to eat there as well but we changed what movie we were going to see so we ate elsewhere....we did share a coke during the show....(insert Awww :)) I really liked the movie and was glad we made the change. When we got home, Gene took our sitter home and came back with a single rose for me. He said he really had a great time and he wanted to thank me for taking him out on his birthday (insert another Awww) He is getting so sweet in his OLD age...just kiddin.

Before our big date night, we took Kansas to get her haircut. I don't know about you but I love going to get my haircut!! Her hair is beautiful, long and curly but she just doesn't want to mess with it at all....that is the tomboy in her...just like her momma! So we ALL went....all 5 of us and watched her get about 8 inches chopped off. She loves it and is so excited!!

Here she is with her siblings....it's official....Logan is a dork!

She looks absolutely gorgeous and even though it won't be straight very often, it is going to be more manageable.....which means less time in the mornings for me! Can I get a Hallelujah!! :)
It is finally starting to warm up around here....I think it's in the upper 40's! There is still snow on the ground and I start tennis practice today....something is wrong with that picture. I hope everyone has a great week.
Many Blessings,


Brandi said...

How sweet!!!! Happy Birthday to your husband, it sounds like you two had a great night out!

Your kids are so cute! Your daughter is beautiful! Love her hair!

Thanks for you sweet comment earlier today - I passed along the information to Kenyon - he appreciated it too :)

Jen S. said...

Kansas--love your haircut! You're such a pretty girl :)
Glad Gene had a nice birthday.... the single rose was so sweet!
Have a great day...