Saturday, January 16, 2010

Trophies...Instruments...Movies...Oh My

January is always a busy month for the Watts' household. The holidays are wrapping's the core of basketball season and the kids have a million things going makes my head spin just thinking about it!
Logan had a blast playing flag-football for the first time and last week we had their team dinner/trophy presentation at Mama's Pizza....can I get a mmmmm...yummy! Coach French was so courageous to coach the kindergarten boys and he did a great job. Thanks Coach!!

Logan and his he has a baseball, basketball and football trophy. Should we invest in a trophy case for him? :)

The Thunderbolts excited to get their trophies....or the pizza....

Logan and Christopher...these two have been watching Saints Football together since they were babies!

Later this week......Gene and I attended Kansas' musical project performance. Everyone in her class had to make their own instrument and play it in front of the 4th grade students and parents. She didn't ask for any help from us....and it turned out great. Gene says the reason it turned out great is cause she DIDN'T ask for help!:) She used a box and paper towel rolls...and a few other random things. She decorated it with pictures of animals and called it the Wild Percussion.
Here she is playing her can see some of the other ones in the background

Daddy and I were very proud of our girlie

Kansas and her proud parents....

Since we have been so busy, we decided just to have movie night this Friday. I must say...I was so excited just to be home and do nothing. Sometimes I feel guilty for paying a mortgage cause we are hardly ever home! :) We rented Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs and grabbed some pizza. My friend Jenny called and asked if Cecilia could join us...we gladly accepted! The kids haven't gotten to hang out with her since volleyball season and they just adore her! We all had a lot of fun and Cecilia was the life of the party!

This picture makes me laugh every time I look at it! :) Cecilia and Trinity being goofy.

They look really into the movie huh....
Ummm...I sure hope Cecilia's daddy doesn't see this one....that will be the end of Logan being recruited by TCU...haha!
Love love love this cute are these 3 babies. We had a great time hanging at home and are so glad Cecilia came to visit.

Today the girls and Logan have basketball games. They both play at the same different cities.. :) so needless to say, Gene and I are splitting up to get it covered. I get to watch Logan so check back later for more pictures. He is so ready to play! His game is at noon and he has been asking me since 8am, "When are we leaving to my game Mommy?" Have a great..LONG weekend everyone!
Many Blessings,

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