Sunday, January 24, 2010


1 weekend + 4 teams = pure exhaustion

We started our weekend at Gene's game in Dallas. ESD is the 2 time defending SPC Division I Champions in boys basketball. The gym was packed and everyone was ready for a great match up between 2 very talented teams. I got to sit by Matt Doherty, the SMU basketball coach. He played college ball at UNC with Michael Jordan back in the day....pretty cool. He was a lot of fun to talk basketball with during the game. The game came down to the last minute but unfortunately we had some costly turnovers and lost by 3. I am proud of Gene and his team. I'm quite sure we will see those Eagles again at the conference tournament!

I'm sure you see someone on the floor that looks like he doesn't belong in the shoot a round....but he thinks he does! Logan goes out there every game and warms up with the team.

Here he is again ready to take the floor....that boy cracks me up. Sometimes I think he may hang around high school boys too much. Last week he told me, "mommy...I have swagger." :)

Next up....Ichiban. Logan had 2 games on Saturday with his YMCA team, Ichiban. He begged Gene's point guard, Jalen to come watch him play. Despite losing a tough one Friday night, Jalen showed up for sweet is that!

For those of you that are wondering.....Ichiban (prounounced it-chee-bawn) means "number 1" in Japanese. Here you can see my wonderful husband modeling the jacket. The pretty girl next to him is my friend, Amanda. :)

The Ichiban coaches getting the team ready for the game. Wow...Gene already looks like he is stressed and the game hasn't even started! haha He is probably still thinking about the tough loss from the night before.

My baby boy making a lay up in warm up. I guess warming up with Gene's varsity has helped out....his form looks pretty good!

AIR-LOGAN.... :)
I had to leave Logan's game and take Trinity to her game in Fort Worth. Next up...Inferno! Kansas spent the night at a friend's house who plays on the team so they met us at the gym. This gym is so dark so my pictures are not that great.

Trinity playing the point. She got fouled and made both foul shots. She was so excited!

The picture is not great but you can still tell who is dribbling the ball....those long legs give it away! Kansas did great with her cross-over move and scored 3 or 4 buckets for her team.

Last but not least was my club volleyball team, Pink Fury! I had to leave early from the girls game(thank you Megan for taking them home) and had to miss Logan's second game cause I had a tournament in Carrollton.

It was our first tournament and we struggled a little bit in pool play yesterday. Today though we came out ready to play and won 1st place in the silver bracket!! I'm so proud of those girls.
So it was a long weekend, coaching and cheering 4 teams on but it's what we do. My laundry is still piled up in the hall and I will be folding clothes until midnight but life is good! Have a great week!
Many Blessings,

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