Friday, July 3, 2009

You Can't Please Them All

The Kids about to leave Hawaiian Falls...can you tell Trinity is ecstatic!

Logan taking it all in....

Trinity in the hula hoop contest..

There is a saying in the coaching world that you hear all too often..."You can't please 'em all." When you have a roster of 12-15 kids, sometimes more depending on the sport that means you also have at least 25-30 parents to go along with those kiddos. Making everyone happy is just not going to happen. It doesn't matter if you go undefeated all season, there is going to be someone either a parent or athlete that is not happy. You just learn to deal with it. Well I found myself in that same predicament at the Hawaiian Falls Water Park today. Kansas' friend had her birthday party there so she hung with her friends at the party....that left me to deal with or should I say "enjoy time with" Logan and Trinity. Of course they each wanted to do something totally different than the other....."let's go to the lazy river momma"...."but I want to go down the red slide". Only if the hubby was here...but he has to work camp...AGAIN...poor thing, he has been busting his butt all summer. Someone has to bring home the bacon (and pay for our vacation!) So after I heard both proposals from each child, I decided we would do the wave pool....that's right....we did what MOMMA wanted to do! Man I love being in charge. Since we are in Texas and it is hotter than (insert clever phrase here...where is my friend Michelle when I need her) we (I mean I) could only handle 4 hours of fun before we called it a day. I hope everyone has a Happy 4th of July!

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