Monday, June 29, 2009

So Long San Diego-Thank You MARTINS!!

I have landed safely in the Lone Star State. My trip was awesome and I look forward to returning with the family next month. I would like to say a HUGE thank you to the Martin Family, Uncle Chris, Aunt Liz and Brigette. I always stay at their house every summer and they are so good to me. They always make sure I have the best time and I really do appreciate their hospitality. I love y'all!
My Aunt Liz and I always visit the Del Mar Fair and junk food is a must! We had donuts, curly fries and chocolate chip cookies (my favorite). After the fair, we headed for the pool at my Aunt Gloria and Uncle Glen's house.
Here is my Uncle Chris and cousin, Brigette enjoying the pool party.

Relaxing in the pool after the fair was so nice. I got to hang out and visit with my cousins, Nick, Brooke (who is 21 today...Happy Bday Cousin!!) and Sierra.
Like I said before, we have a huge family. Here is a pic of just some of the girl cousins.

I got Dakota this shirt at the fair for her birthday. It says "Sorry, I Only Like Boys With Tatoos"! Here she is with her Daddy.
On the way to the fair, we stopped to see Aunt Vi and Savannah's new house. It is way cute and absolutely perfect for them!

Here is yet another beautiful view of beautiful California. I had a great time and loved seeing my family. See y'all next month and thanks again for everything!

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