Friday, May 1, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday...Kelly's Korner

My sister Jessica helped me decorate...thanks sis!

A blog that I love reading daily Kelly's Korner is having a "Show Us Where You Live" edition and I thought it would be fun to participate! This Friday you are supposed to display your kitchen. I am so excited to see everyone elses because I need ideas for our "future kitchen". We are going to build in the Fort Worth/Aledo area on our lot and I need help with the designs....for every room!! So here is my current kitchen. I love the colors but think I am ready for some earth tones in my new kitchen. I love the cabinets in Kelly's sure to jump on over to her blog to check them out and then join in the fun and show us your kitchen!!
Another view....looking into our living area
I may not have any fancy appliances but who needs them when you have the cutest dishwasher ever!! Logan washes them and sits them to dry and then I come behind him and stick them in the dishwasher!! Don't tell would hurt his sweet boy! Trying to make sure he makes a great husband one day...ha ha!
Our dinner table...I like the red accent wall but can't stand my blinds!
Since we are moving, I'm not sure if we should just leave them or put something else up....please feel free to leave me suggestions!! Thanks and have a great weekend!


LillySue said...

Very cute kitchen....cute dishwasher as well!!

Jennifer said...

Your family is beautiful. Good luck on building your new house and I hope you get the kitchen of your dreams. I certainly feel blessed with mine.

Anna said...

Thanks for the tour!

Kelly said...

I really like your kitchen a lot! So fun to be building a house and get to use your own ideas!!!!
Thanks for sharing!

The Pifer's said...

Hi sweetie, I found your blog through a friend and I hope it's ok if I follow you!!!!


pumpkinpatches said...

That dishwasher of yours is just too cute! Thank you for opening up your home!

Pam said...

I like your kitchen. If it would effect the sale of your house I would change the blinds otherwise, not a chance.

Heather said...

LOVE the red in the kitchen!!

Thanks for stopping by my's always great to have new visitors!

Your dishwasher is precious!

Kristen said...

Lucky you to be building a new home - Kelly's party is perfect timing for you to see so many homes for ideas! Love that your boy is being a helper, what a good mom you are. I thank my mother in law all the time for raising a son who's not afraid to wash a dish!

:) said...

Your kitchen is very nice. I like the color. Your family is just beautiful by the way... I enjoyed checking out your blog.
You left me a comment on my blog about our kitchen (our tile and granite countertops). I just had my husband go look at our home building plans to find out... we had Centex build our house about 3 years ago (we live in Las Vegas). The info we have for our tile is:
L.D.I. 20X20 porcelin tile called "Chestnut" and we used "sandstone" grout. The granite countertops are called "Autumn Harvest".
Hope this helps :)
Have an awesome day!

Ashley said...

What a happy kitchen...I like how open it is!!

Thanks for letting us look!