Thursday, May 7, 2009

Logan's Feelings of His Mama

Logan's picture he made for me for Mother's Day. Notice all the kids artwork that is hanging on the back of my office door already!! :)

In Logan's words....

Logan gave me my Mother's Day gift a little early this year. My little man is so sweet!! His teacher had a sheet which had questions on it (see pic above) and she asked him the questions and then wrote down for him what he answered. The first question was "Why is your mom special"...he stated that I am special because "I work at All Saints'". Ok so maybe I thought he would say because I sing a Veggie Tales song with him every night after we say prayers....nope that's not why I am special. I'm a little concerned because Heaven forbid I don't work here anymore....will I no longer be special to him? Nah! He also said he makes me smile by making the dog snore...what is this kid thinking. I guess he did say I was as pretty as a "shining star" (the teacher totally helped him with that one I bet). The funniest of them all had to be the one that said I am smart and even know "how to bat and hit bombs". It did make me smile to think my son thinks I am somewhat "athletic". God love him!! After I read why I am special....I saw the pretty picture of bluebonnets that he made me. I am really going to miss when my kids get big and stop making these sweet gifts. Now don't get me wrong, a massage and a day at the spa will work nicely as well. :) I hope everyone has a Happy Mother's Day!!

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The Fuente Family said...

You are pretty cool if you can hit bombs!! So cute!! I love hearing Logan's comments!!