Sunday, March 15, 2009

Birthday Girl

The young birthday girl with her older man :)

So excited to be going out!

My birthday sign made by Kansas
The cake Trinity made me
Our wonderful dinner

Well I celebrated a birthday this weekend and turning 25 isn't so bad! I bet some of y'all are wondering if I made a typo...shame on you! :) I woke up with Trinity in my face screaming "Happy Birthday Mommy!" and when I made it to the kitchen after I got my hearing back, I saw a sign made by Kansas wishing me the same (just a little quieter than the 1st wish). The girls went to their basketball practice with Gene and I stayed back to clean. Logan's birthday gift was he actually cleaned his room...I couldn't believe it...almost brought me to tears. He was scurrying around as I cleaned the kitchen so I asked him "Watcha doin bud" he spurt out without hesitation, "helpin you mommy." FANTASTIC! Gene and the girls returned and brought me a cake from the "Cheesecake Factory", yummy! I immediately tried to cut a piece when I was shot down...."you have to wait for it to thaw". Thanks for teasing me! Gene had a babysitter arranged (another thing that almost brought me to tears) and so we got dressed up and headed to try out another jazz club. It is called Ovations and it is in Fort Worth. We had a lot of fun! There were 3 other people celebrating their birthdays also so we all got called up on stage and they sang to us as we all danced. We enjoyed a nice dinner and then returned home to find Trinity had made me another cake...that's my future chef! They all jumped in bed with us and we all snuggled and watched some tv (our usual Saturday ritual). Logan quickly fell asleep in my arms since it was so late and we eventually had to kick the girls out...Thanks for a great birthday!


Renae said...

Glad you had such a good birthday!

Sue said...

Happy Birthday!
25 isn't so bad huh? ;0

You look BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!

have a great year!

The Fuente Family said...

Happy belated birthday! I'm back in town, so we need to plan a get-together!!!