Wednesday, December 17, 2008

From All Saints' to Dartmouth

Margaret, Coach Gene & Brittney

Logan and Mar-Mar

Brit and Mar-Mar in Action

Gene has coached Brittney and Margaret Smith for many years. They played for him with Team Ichiban and then came over to go to school and play for him at All Saints'. They are great girls and we are so proud of them. Now, they are standout players for Dartmouth, an Ivy League School. Last night they played against SMU and we went out to Dallas to watch them. They had a great game but unfortunately their team lost in the last seconds...63-65. Our kids were excited to see their "babysitters" hoopin it up on the court. Trinity was actually part of the half-time entertainment. She raced a 10 year old girl...they had to put on a HUGE jersey, shorts and shoes and then go dribble a ball and shoot it. She almost beat the girl!

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