Saturday, September 20, 2008

Snaggletooth Trinity

Trinity's tooth has been dangling for days but she freaks out anytime you go near it. Friday was Fall Rally at All Saints' so at the football game there were bounce houses, sno cones, face painting...the whole works. While jumping in the bounce house she hit her mouth with her knee and voila...the tooth was out. Unfortunately, she lost the tooth in the process. She came down to where Gene and I were sitting..our usual spot next to the end zone...and had quite a bloody mouth. It looked like she had just been in a bad brawl. We always have an ambulance on site for every game so the paramedics were happy to help get her cleaned up. Her "big girl" tooth is already coming in and she has 2 other loose teeth as well. Despite not being able to find her tooth, the Toothfairy still "paid" her a visit.

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