Monday, September 1, 2008

DOWN at the FARM

We haven't seen Nana and Papa in awhile so we traveled down to see them at the farm on Sunday. The kids love going there and it's just good to see that they can go an entire day without watching the Disney channel! We fished, fed the cows and rode on the 4-wheeler. Logan named the bull, Thunder and Trinity named some of the cows as well. It's always good to spend time with family and relax out in the country. I remember my days as a child out's where I learned to drive! It was a chevy blazer with grey and red pinstripes... and then there's the coca cola car...I'll never forget. I'll get Nana to dig up some pictures but until then, I'll let Alan Jackson paint the picture for you.Papa already said he will start teaching Kansas since she will be 10 soon. Watch out cows!! Thanks for the memories Papa and helping me create more with my kiddos. I love you! Enjoy our pictures from the day.

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